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10 Questions with….the creators of Bermuda Confessions (and no we don’t know who they are!)



On March 22 this year, Bermuda Twitter was taken by storm. Within hours of its creation, a new page was shedding a very bright light of the inner thoughts and feelings of those who live on the tiny island (still trying to figure out why so many guys spit such vitriol against fuller figured women!). From having salacious interactions in a church hall to pleasuring themselves in the parking lot of grocery stores, Bermudians are leaving nothing to imagination via the Bermuda Confessions page.

As much as some may love to hate it, one cannot deny that the silent creators are on to something—providing a safe space for people to vent!

Recently, I reached out to them to gain some insight on what moved them to create the page, and most of all, are the confessions (over 1,500 submissions and counting) really confidential?

And yes there are 12 questions…I got carried away!

What inspired you to create this page and why only on Twitter?

The inspiration came from HBCUshaderoom. It’s a place for people to vent and ask for help without being directly judged or harassed but also receiving help or advice. Voicing your thoughts, and questions in Bermuda has always been hard and this page was created to ease the burden for some who may not find it as easy to speak out. I chose to keep this page ONLY on twitter because the Bermuda Twitter community is a special place and I wanted to give it something unique. Bermuda is small.

Are you ever concerned that people will find out who sends confessions to you?

People may assume who sends the confessions in, but to us it is completely anonymous. We do not collect emails or names, so we don’t know who sends the confessions in. We see them in a list; our only job is to copy, paste, and tweet.

Why do you choose to remain anonymous?

It is easier for us. Your social media persona is not your real life persona. Bermudians have a hard time disassociating social media from real life and so for that reason we would like to remain anonymous, to keep our personal and professional life separate from social media.

What would cause you to reject confessions?

We do reject confessions for many reasons: A person’s name is used; it’s too descriptive; it’s something not worth posting, or something we have recently encountered is a duplicate submission from a different confessions page.

Why do you think the site has taken off in popularity? Were you surprised?

We have no idea why the page took off the way it did, but we were extremely surprised by the response. What started off as “I wish…” turned into an actual functioning thing. We did not expect such a huge following in such a short period of time. The running of the page is very demanding and we do our best to keep up with it. We are thankful to our supporters as they are patient with us and interactive with our posts.

What positive do you feel the page is serving?

The page can be positive if used in that way. It’s a space where people can come for advice, help, encouragement, or simply a laugh. A space for people to share their wealth of knowledge to those who need it. We hope that more people feel comfortable asking for advice, help, or encouragement so that the page isn’t just utilised for shadiness or opinions.

Will you ever reveal your identity? Will anything change if your identity is discovered?

Right now, we feel that there is no reason for us to reveal our identity therefore, we will remain anonymous just like everything else is with the page. It is our hope that nothing will change if our identity is discovered.

We only ask in the event people do, they will remain respectful and keep the page separate from our personal and professional lives.

People have criticised the page for being “messy”. Do you agree or disagree? And what do you say to your critics?

We can agree and disagree. Yes, the page has been “messy” and can be messier, but we do what we can, where we can, to keep that to a minimum. The only thing we can say to our critics is that the page is run by us, for you, but is BY you. All of the content (submissions) is provided by Bermuda Twitter . We do not tweet from the page, and if we do, we always sign it with “-Admin” so that followers can distinguish between a submission and a regular tweet from the page.

What’s your long-term plan for the Confessions page?

The unexpected blow up of the page has brought on thought of a long-term plan for it. We’re not sure what or how to move forward with it but it is being discussed while still protecting us (the administrators). Because of the unexpected blow up we are trying to move as cautiously as possible.

Is there anything about the submissions which you’ve received that have shocked you?

Absolutely! We have received some confessions that have left us completely speechless. We have received confessions that have us going back and forth for hours deciding whether we should post it or not. These are usually the ones that do not make it to the twitter page.

How can people submit their confessions? When people submit, are they anonymous?

All submissions should be made only through the google form that is linked in our bio. We do not accept submissions any other way. All submissions are completely anonymous. Our google form is set so that emails are NOT recorded and the submitters do not need to give a name or any personal details to leave a confession. If we did it any other way it would take away the anonymity of the page and that is what makes people feel safe enough to share. We see submissions in a randomly ordered list and we copy, we paste, we tweet (after review of course).

Why is the submissions portal turned off from time to time?

We turn submissions off on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends to give ourselves a break and to make sure we don’t become overwhelmed with submissions. When we are posting, our numbers can go from 20 submissions to almost 60+ in about two hours. We have been trying to find a balance with posting (i.e. not posting too many at a time or not posting enough) but we also have a life outside of the page so sometimes it does take a backseat.

Follow Bermuda Confessions here. Do you have a confession you’d like to submit, click here.


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