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Fearless Female

‘Allow people to live their own truth’ –LGBTQI advocate Linda Bogle-Mienzer



Unless you have been living in a deep, dark hole over the last few weeks, you should know that Bermuda will see its first ever Pride parade this weekend. Unsurprisingly, the social media networks have been rife with comments reflecting both support and disdain for the event, with no feelings being spared.

Opinions really seemed to amplify after the Corporation of Hamilton took the decision to paint a crosswalk or two multi-coloured in support of Pride weekend. If anyone is being brutally honest, the backlash was to be expected—after all, the island has never anything like this, unless they’ve visited another jurisdiction or searched for images on the internet, which may not have been a good idea.

In fact, says LGBTQI advocate Linda Bogle-Mienzer, a number of pictures found on the internet play a large part in the incorrect perceptions residents may have about what is going to take place on Saturday.

Here she sits down with me to reflect on how some members of the public have reacted to the parade. Her plea to them: “Allow people to live their own truth.”