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Fearless Female

Sophia McCray: Victory against all odds (video)



Sophia McCray left Bermuda 15 years ago with her American husband and two young sons with a plan to have a new life. However, things didn’t work out the way she envisioned and she not only saw the deterioration of her marriage, but she ended up homeless.She eventually found herself faced with the difficult decision of leaving her eldest son in the care of her church friends, while she and her younger son went to live elsewhere. This, Sophia shares, was one of the lowest points in her life and she says, she felt that she failed as a parent.

Although she was down, she refused to be out (she also suffers from lupus) and says it was her unwavering faith in God that has brought her to where she is today.

Sophia’s journey has birthed three books so far: The Adventures if Scoots & Mr Buttons, Poetry Hides and A Journey of Strength & Courage: A Woman’s Struggle Through Illness & Depression.

Here, she shares her story with me, and explains why she never chose to give up although there were plenty of times when she could have.