Natural Reflections: Latonae Smith

Twenty-seven-year-old Latonae Smith aka Thundee, who is also a popular radio personality. When not on the radio, she is a Front Desk Agent at the Hamilton Princess. Ms Smith lives in St. David’s but her family hails from Bailey’s Bay. She took a few moments out of her busy schedule to share with us why she loves her natural hair.
 TIB: How would you describe your hair?

LS: My hair is bipolar. I really mean that lol. One day it loves a product the next it hates it.

TIB: Describe your relationship with your hair from 16 and up?
LS: I actually got my first perm at 16. I was following the trend of having straight black hair like every other female in high school. I did a big chop when I was 21 going to university and my relationship with my hair was love at first sight since then. Mind you I did another big chop February 2016. I will never miss the smell of perm and sizzling hair!!!
TIB: What do you love most about your hair?
LS: I love that it identifies me. People know me from my hair. Once I pull it back in a bun, people don’t recognize me.
TIB: Your thoughts on parents perming their daughters’ hair before they are teenagers?
LS: Honestly I’m not a mother and I don’t know the struggle of having to comb a child’s hair everyday,  but all I can say is that I WOULD NEVER!!!!
TIB: Why do you think the females are embracing their natural hair more than ever?
LS: Woman today have actually realised that it’s okay to have natural hair. There were so many limitations years back that prevented us as woman to embrace our natural. Work environments use to be against natural hair. Also,there are so many hair products today that are created for all textures and types of natural hair.
TIB: Have we moved past the “pretty hair/nappy hair” mindset?
LS: We are almost there.
TIB: Is there anyone who you really admire because of how they embrace their natural hair?
LS: I dont have anyone in particular but I admire any female that has embraced the natural hair journey.
TIB: Any bad experiences with you wearing your hair naturally?
LS: No bad experiences. I just have a fetish for a blonde close cut that I’ll probably never do.
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