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Hey lovely ladies! Welcome to Curvy Queen Convos, where we celebrate the lifestyle of the curvy, sexy, confident woman. I am a plus-sized woman who LOVES fashion! I have worn plus-sizes for most of my adult life and was never satisfied with what I saw as options for plus-sized women. The prints, the fabrics, the unflattering cuts: UGH! Please stop dressing us in drapes! Why is everything so ugly?

What I saw did not reflect or flatter my style or my curvy shape. So, in 2017, I launched Curvy Queens Boutique, a mobile fashion boutique, where I offer sexy and flattering plus-sized clothing. Every day I encourage my clients to love the skin they’re in while embracing their curves with confidence.

The thing to remember is to love YOUR curvy body. We have breasts, flaunt them! We have hips, accentuate them! We have curves, love them! We are not defined by the size on the tag or by the circumference of our waist. Fashion should be fun for everyone!

The fashion industry prides itself on continuously evolving and pushing the creative envelope. Yet true representation of curvy, dare I say more realistic, women on fashion runways, in glossy magazines and in retail stores continues to be ignored. That’s where Curvy Queen Convos comes in: a platform where curvy women are represented, encouraged and connected.

There are no rules in fashion when it comes to style. Personal style is just that, personal. What works well for one may well be a complete and utter fashion disaster for another. Not so fond memories of my lime green hot pant fiasco of 1999 come to mind. They looked so darn cute on the girl in the 90’s music video. Wouldn’t you know, not so cute on me… but I digress. Always keep in mind the Golden Rule of Fashion: Don’t imitate or duplicate someone else’s look, be inspired by it!

You always notice women who walk with and exude confidence. There is just something about their style that catches your eye. Even a simple pair of jeans that fits a woman’s shape perfectly and with the right bit of edge can literally stop traffic. That’s unforgettable style!

While there are no rules when it comes to embracing your personal style there are certainly some helpful tips that I offer to my clients to help them look and feel fabulous:

Find The Shapes That Work For You

Whether maxi length or miniskirts, flared hems or pencil skirts, not all looks are flattering on all women, and that’s ok. Choose shapes and silhouettes that are flattering for you. It doesn’t matter how great that midi pencil dress looked on Stacey from Accounting, if it’s not flattering on you, choose another option. But keep it classy and be sure to compliment Stacey on her fabulous look and rock what works for your figure.

The Foundation Is Key

Foundation, foundation, foundation! Say it again for the Curvy Queens in the back! Foundation garments are key! No matter how fabulous the outfit is you lose all your cool points if the proper foundation isn’t there. What does that mean? Well, simply put, remember the three L’s. Proper-fitting undergarments that Lift, Lock and Load will always be your friend. Style tip: Go for a professional bra fitting to ensure that your girls are where they are supposed to be. You will thank me later! #Wink

Focus On The Fit, Not The Tag

When it comes to looking and feeling your best, the size on the tag really doesn’t matter. Ask yourself, when was the last time someone stopped you and asked to see the size on the tag of your dress? Never, right? So don’t be overly attached to a number. Buy clothing that fits you well and flatters, don’t based on a size that you are attached to.

In keeping with embracing personal style, check out our ‘Rack to Real World’ feature, where we feature beautiful curvy queens. This edition of ‘Rack to Real World’ features, the lovely Audrey whose formal look is perfection!

Curvy Queens, we are all beautiful. Until next time ladies, stay lovely and embrace your curves!

MJ Crockwell

Head Curvy In Charge @ Curvy Queens Boutique

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