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One evening I was in yoga class and my yoga teacher, Mel, said these words, "It's in stillness that the body heals."

One evening I was in yoga class and my yoga teacher, Mel, said these words, “It’s in stillness that the body heals.”

I’d like to add a little more.  It is in stillness that the mind heals.  It is in stillness that you discover who you are and why you are here.

How do I know this?  Because it is a part of my story.  For most of my adult life, I lived in Busy Land.  I was busy being a mother, a wife, a daughter and I was on double busy duty as a teacher.  In Busy Land, I lost who I was.  I was unclear of my purpose.  So, I went out on a search to find it.  I looked and looked.  I looked in books.  I invested in online classes.  You name it, I tried it.

Go within…

I started practicing yoga and meditating.  Boy was meditating hard at first.  I could not quiet my busy little mind for one minute.  I remember thinking, “Something must be wrong with me.  It cannot be this difficult.” 

I was determined to make meditation a part of my morning routine and I did not give up.  My first milestone was one minute – yup, you read that correctly, 1 minute. Then I worked my way up to three minutes.  Before I knew it, I was up to ten minutes. 

I tuned into my intuition by asking myself, “What is my next step?” 

Do you know when I got my answers? As soon as I stood up after meditating, while walking on the beach or in the shower.  My answers came when I was still and detached.

The answers which you speak are within you…

I stopped looking outside of myself for my answers.  I learned that my answers are within me.  Just as your answers are within you. 

Most likely, you too have spent a good portion of your adult years detached from you, lost in the mainstream, living in Busy Land, sacrificing for everyone and everything else.  You feel lost.  You want more out of life, but you do not know where to begin.

Here are three simple tips on how to start finding your answers from within:

  1. Sit in stillness.  Start with three minutes (If it’s too long, start with one minute).  Do not worry if thoughts start flooding in.  Honour your thoughts and let them go.  I found Thich Nhat Han’s method very helpful.  Say to yourself, “Breathing in I know that I am breathing in.  Breathing out I know that I am breathing out.”  This method will help you to focus on your breath.

  2. Get out in nature.  Be without your phone or turn it off.  There is something about being in nature that calms and connects your body, mind and spirit.

  3. Be mindful.  Being mindful is being fully present.  Be present in all things.  Enjoy the simple things like your cup of tea or coffee.  Feel the warmth of the cup.  Give gratitude for every sip.  Look people in the eye when they talk to you.  Listen to what they have to say.

Create time to be still.  Be still and discover who you are.

Keema Perry is the founder of Powerhouse Academy.  She is a Powerhouse Guide for women who feel overworked, overstretched, and overwhelmed.  Keema teaches women how to tap into their powerhouses and create a feeling of balance from within through 1:1 Powerhouse Sessions and Masterclasses. She is a certified teacher, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and Integrative Health Coach.




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