From the mind of a man: Who should pay for the STD test?

Dear MOAM,
The guy who I have been dating wants to sleep with me but we are not a couple. I want to sleep with him too. However he told me  that he will not do certain acts with me unless I get a STD test. I am cool with that but I feel I should not have to deal with the hassle of going to the doctor until we decide to commit. I am happy to use condoms and do without the other sexual acts in the meantime. He is pushing for me to do the test though. I think I should ask him pay for the testing since it will come out of my pocket. Am I petty?

Dear I’m Clean,
Can I be blunt with you?  OK, thanks.  Girl wake the hell up! How you sit there and type the word ‘hassle’? Regardless if you and him are not a couple, when is doing something that can protect your health/life [and his] a hassle?  You’ve never been involved with someone where you told yourself that ‘nothing is going to happen between us’ but you end up with your pants down to your ankles or  in the horizontal position with your clothes off? Sometimes things don’t go as planned and end up out of hand.
Also, I’m kind of split with you wanting him to pay for the test. Actually, I’m not split.  You aren’t being petty, you are just cheap.  I would understand if you were getting an abortion but come on sis, the STD test is just as important for you than it is for him.  But with that said, why not get an STD test from the government clinic?  They are free.

This made me pause and think.  Typically it is the male who is nonchalant and haphazard with regards to STD tests.

Dear MOAM,
My boyfriend and I went on vacation together and have not seen each other since although we have talked on the phone. We had a disagreement and I refuse to call him first. I’m assuming he feels the same way because I haven’t heard from him either. Do I assume that we are no longer a couple?

Dear I Think I’m Single,

This is going to be short.  Please grow the hell up!!!  If you hadn’t noticed, people of all ages are dying unexpectedly lately.  God forbid something should happen to him and you never got the chance to mend things. How would that make you feel? Is whatever you disagreed over that significant? Either reach out to him to mend your relationship and have some great make up sex or dump him.  Ambiguity isn’t a good thing.

He needs to grow the hell up as well for goodness sake.

Dear MOAM,
My girlfriend wants me to delete my Instagram account because girls always say stuff under my pictures. I think she’s being insecure because I am only interested in her. She says she trusts me but acts different. She looked in my phone and saw pictures of naked girls which were sent to me. I never responded to them but she’s mad that I didn’t delete them. The pictures are not a big deal to me. I only want to be with her. Should I delete my account?

Dear Insta Is Hurting My Head,

Insta is hurting your head, your girl is hurting your head. Say it!  Just say she’s nagging you to delete your account. But in any event:

1. No, don’t delete your account. Make it private instead. That way only your friends can see your images.
2. What type of things are girls saying under your pictures that would make your girl want you to delete insta?
3. If the pictures are not a big deal to you, why didn’t you delete them? Why did you keep them?
4. You could’ve responded to the girls by telling them not to send you naked pictures because you have a girl and you are only interested in her.  But you didn’t. Why?
5. Which brand of phone do you have? If it’s a Samsung, did you know that they have a private folder for pictures that can be hidden? IJS

How would you feel if you looked in your girls phone and saw naked pics of guys? Would you trust her?  Would you feel insecure?

Even though she should’ve NEVER went through your phone, your girl ha a right to be mad.  Sort ya isht out and tidy up bro.
Dear MOAM,
Is it unladylike for a female to ask a male out on a date? My mom says it is, but I think if you want it, go after it. What do you think?

Dear I Know What I Want,

No, I don’t think it is unladylike for a female to ask a male out on a date. Your mom is old school.  Times have changed since she was dating. It’s OK for females to pay for movies, dinner, trips, etc. as well. *wink*.  Go for it sis, ask that fella out on a date.

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