Are you ready to be free?

Do you have a lot on your plate? The first weekend in December was a crazy busy one for me.  I was finishing parent-teacher conferences.  I had a speaking engagement on December 1st and on December 2nd, I flew to Boston Medical with my dad.

I can vividly remember standing in my kitchen with the most delightful hot cup of cappuccino, savouring each sip. 

I started thinking about all of the things that had to get done.  As I wrote down what I HAD TO DO, my energy levels began to shift, and feelings of stress crept in.

Have you ever felt like this?

I felt as though there wasn’t enough time to do what I needed to do.  I could feel myself being pulled towards the dreaded Land of Overwhelm. 

I managed to shift my energy by doing a short five-minute yoga flow.

Phew, what a relief, overwhelm mixed with anything that I had to do that weekend would not have been a good mix.

A few days later, I stood in the shower, once again thinking about my to-do-list, and I could feel those same feelings of dread trying REALLY HARD to flood in.

I had to create a post, I had to wash clothes, I had to write an article, I had to clean my house, I had to…….

Wait a minute! Was my list beginning to hold me and my emotions hostage? Luckily, I caught it before it was too late. 

I asked myself, what do I need to think or do to help me to feel better in this moment?  My answer was, focus on how you want to feel.

There is hope.
YES! YES! YES!  This made perfect sense to me and it worked! 

Shifting my focus from what I had to do, to how I wanted to feel, was a lifesaver.  I felt like I had more time.  On the occasions when I didn’t get everything done, I still felt good because I my focused my energy on how I wanted to feel.

What a difference!

Are you ready to be free?
As the holiday celebrations are upon us, you will most likely have overwhelming moments when you start thinking about all of the things that you HAVE to do.  

Here are two simple steps to help you to reclaim your power during this festive season.

1. Ask yourself, What thought do I need to think so that I can feel better in this moment?  Choose to feel that feeling!  When those overwhelming moments appear STOP and take a few deep breaths. Remind yourself of how you want to feel. These sentence starters may help: I like the idea of feeling…. I look forward to feeling…. I choose to feel…..

2. Choose what you want to do.  Every time you hear yourself saying I HAVE to do something, change your words to I CHOOSE TO instead.

Wishing you all the best with choosing how you will feel and what you will do,

Powerhouse Perry

Keema Perry is a Powerhouse Guide. She teaches busy, professional women over 40, who feel overworked, overstretched and overwhelmed how to reclaim their power and manifest their best life. For daily tips on ways to manifest your healthier and happier life, follow her on Facebook and/or Instagram.

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