Don’t allow yourself to be caged in negative thoughts…set yourself free!

One late afternoon, as I was walking down the eerie, quiet corridor at school, I heard a knocking sound.  Startled, I froze (as I do when I am scared) because everyone had left the building.  I was alone.  All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind.  What do I do?

 Then I looked to my left at the large window and noticed a bird tirelessly trying to get out.  I felt pure compassion for that poor, lonely, caged-in bird.

Immediately, I opened the bottom portion of the window as I could not reach the top.  The bird flew down the hall, returned to the same spot and knocked again into the upper part of the window.

 I tried as best as I could to communicate with the bird and help it to find its way out.  Unfortunately, I don’t speak bird talk so that was difficult.

 I followed the bird opening windows, shewing and motioning to help it escape.  Have you ever tried to help a flying bird?  The minute I opened one window it was somewhere else. 

The now stressed out, frantic bird kept flying around, only to end up at the exact same spot doing the exact same thing – banging into the upper part of the window.

I felt just as hopeless as that bird.  It seemed as though no matter what I did, I could not convince the bird to see things through my eyes.

  As I was watching, I was also reflecting. How am I like that bird?  What areas of my life do I feel stuck?  What patterns am I repeating?  Am I not seeing a way out?

How often do we encounter experiences similar to that bird?  We’ve all had one or more situations that we want to get out of, but we remain stuck because we either see no way out or we think that there is only one way out.

“No matter what I do it is never enough.  I can’t leave him because he helps me financially.  Everybody takes advantage of me.  I’ve tried my best, there is nothing more that I can do.  That just doesn’t work for me.  It is what it is.


If we keep thinking the same self-sabotaging thoughts, using the same words, taking the same actions, and believing in our limited beliefs, we are going to be just like that bird – feeling as though we are caged in, only because we cannot see a way out.  There is always a way out.

 When you feel caged in, you can take steps to get unstuck.

Here’s how:
1. Connect with you.  Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers that are within you.  Ask yourself: How can I get out of this situation?  What is my next step?  What is my path of least resistance?
2. Stop and breathe. Knowing when to stop, walk away, and take time to reset is key. The moment you take a break in your thoughts and actions, the answers will flow to you with ease.  You will get clarity on what to do.
3. Use empowering words.  If you think there is no way out, that will be your experience.  Here are some empowering words that I find helpful:  Everything is working out for me.  I am learning to believe in me.  I am changing for the better.  I don’t see my way out yet but I know that my next step is on its way to me.
4. Surround yourself with affirmations that make you feel good and give you hope.  Write them on index cards or paper and put them EVERYWHERE – On your bathroom mirror, dresser, above your light switch, on your desk.  Make your passwords and alarms your affirmations too.  You want to see it until you believe it.

The next time you feel stuck, remember this story about the bird.  Know that there is always another way.  You will find a better way when you stop, reset and find your answers from within.

Keema Perry is a certified Master Teacher, Integrative Health Coach and Infinite Possibilities Trainer. She is the go-to-coach for women over 40 who feel overworked, overstretched and overwhelmed. She teaches women how to reclaim their power over their health and happiness. You can learn more by visiting and following her on Instagram and Facebook.

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