The Sovereign Life: Three ways to shift your thoughts to improve your finances

The main reason you are not able to take control of your finances is due to how you think about them. You’ve heard the adage “You’ve got to get your mind right”. This holds true when it comes to improving your finances.

If you continue to think from poverty consciousness, you will continue to reside there. You will not be able to amass an abundance of wealth if you keep saying “you’re broke”.

The reality is you need to first shift your thoughts before you can actually fix your finances. Listen to this episode of the Sovereign Life podcast to find out what is keeping you from taking control of your finances and generating the wealth you desire into your life. You will learn how your thoughts impact your finances and 3 ways to shift them to improve your finances today!



Terri (Terri2Kool) is the host of The Sovereign Life podcast. Every Wednesday, Terri shares her perspective on financial literacy by sharing experiences, tips and tools, as well as advice to help you become financially lit! Sharing the financial lessons, she has learned on her personal financial journey as well as insight from experts and thought leaders alike, you are sure to be prepared to fix your finances with Terri in your corner!

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