The Sovereign Life: Four steps to setting financial goals you can achieve

Financial goals are as important as any other goal you plan to set in your life. These goals will give you direction when you seek to make financial decisions.

Your financial goals tell you where you are headed on your personal finance journey. If you are struggling to figure out what a financial goal is, maybe you have financial goals, but you do not know when a realistic date is to work towards achieving the goal by.

Listen to this episode of The Sovereign Life podcast to learn how to set financial goals you can actually achieve.



Terri (Terri2Kool) is the host of The Sovereign Life podcast. Every Wednesday, Terri shares her perspective on financial literacy by sharing experiences, tips and tools, as well as advice to help you become financially lit! Sharing the financial lessons, she has learned on her personal financial journey as well as insight from experts and thought leaders alike, you are sure to be prepared to fix your finances with Terri in your corner!

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