ADVERTORIAL: From Apprentice Trainee to Entrepreneur: Tasha DeVent

There is nothing I enjoy more than listening to a person’s career journey!

Lawyer. Physician. Business Owner. Banker. Politician. Civil Servant.

Many times as young people, we only see the result of a person’s position. We don’t get to witness the groundwork of how that person achieved their desired career goal. The sacrifices a person makes to pay for their degree or earn their promotion are often NOT glamorous. There is usually a succession of jobs that were either difficult or unrelated to the final role.

Yes, there will be times when there is a straight line from student into a position. But, the person whose journey has the twists and turns of a Bermuda road leading to your favourite destination…that’s where you’ll find the interesting tale of how they ‘did it their way.’ You may be surprised to find that there is no ‘right’ way–just a way.

As Tasha recounts the story of her career, she advises that persons not define themselves by what they may have to do to achieve their goals. Washing pots, cleaning homes are good jobs that serve us all. We must remember that when we set goals for ourselves, that the jobs we do will help us to achieve our objectives.

If you are a young person who is thinking about what they’d like to do as a career, I suggest that you ask the person you admire, who is currently in the position you want, ‘How did you get here?’ You will be amazed at the story of their journey.

Career paths are rarely ever a straight line. When they are, you can’t help but marvel at the individual’s hard work and determination to succeed. But, then there are the rest of us, who may have worked in many different areas before rising to the level of a Professional ANYTHING!

As a way to fulfil our mission, to help organisations and people actualise their potential to create better individuals, teams, and businesses, we decided to create a YouTube channel. The channel will highlight skilled professionals – business leaders, entrepreneurs, and human resource professionals – to start, and to ask them about their career progression and to highlight achievements. Listen to their stories of how they managed through phases of their careers. Take note of the lessons learned and situations to grow from.

Contact FMC at if you would like to share your story.

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