Let’s Eat Better Together: Herbed risotto

We are excited to introduce our new food columnist, Navneeta Gough of Let’s Eat Better Together. Each month, Navneeta will share one of her favourite recipes for the entire family to enjoy.

As a busy mother of two children under the age of five, Navneeta loves to create meals that are not only delicious but aesthetically pleasing.

Learning to cook from scratch, nourishing your body and using food as medicine has become second nature to Navneeta and she wants others to know that small steps can create huge changes that improve longevity and optimise health.

Today, she’s sharing her recipe for herbed risotto which serves four.

600g cauliflower rice
4 tbsp of avocado oil.
500g vegetable broth
1tbsp organic garlic powder
2tsp sea salt
1 tbsp Parmesan to finish.
1tsp freshly crushed pink peppercorns to finish
Microgreens- pea shoots, watercress and red cabbage. These are not only pretty but contain a peppery hit of flavour.
A bunch of asparagus simply steamed for four minutes.

30g basil fresh leaves
30g parsley fresh leaves
30g dill fresh leaves
15g frozen peas
80ml avocado oil
A few tsp of the broth from the pan once the cauliflower rice is cooked. This helps the dressing blend well together.

Boil peas to cook. Take out of the water and leave to side to cool.
Add avocado oil in pan. It is the perfect cooking oil as it is stable at high heats.
Pour in your cauliflower rice and stir through.
Add your garlic powder, salt and vegetable broth. Leave to infuse and soak into the rice for 15min. Amazingly the rice doesn’t turn into mash!  Try to use a slightly grainy, thicker cut style of rice shop bought or simply grate at home/or use an electric blender.
Plate the rice in a big serving dish for a family style meal.
Blend dressing and pour over your rice.
Top with your asparagus, parmesan, pink pepper and micro greens. I always drizzle a little extra oil for extra omega 3 fats and just because it looks absolutely gorgeous! Full of plant fibre to help feed your good bacteria!

Navneeta is now a Health and Wellness advocate, sharing her personal journey to health. For more healthy meals, check her out on Instagram.  

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