Natasha Saltus: Becoming an alkaline vegan saved my life (video)

At the age of 31, Natasha Saltus suffered the unimaginable—she had a stroke. She was the mother of two small children at the time and the diagnosis rocked her to her core, especially when doctors told her it was a miracle she survived.

When she moved to the United Kingdom from Bermuda a few years ago, she was told by her new doctor that she didn’t need the 14 pills a day she’d been taking for over a decade. However when her meds were changed, she experienced crippling anxiety.

Natasha decided that it was time for a change. She weighed about 250 pounds, and while happy with her body, she knew she needed to adjust her diet . After doing extensive research she decided to convert to an alkaline vegan lifestyle. Her transformation internally and externally has been life changing, she says.

Here’s her story.


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