Bermuda College gives Chelsey the opportunity to switch career gears

Students in Bermuda who are aspiring to pursue a career in nursing no longer have to spend huge sums of money to study abroad. They can attend the Bermuda College, live at home and still receive a first-class education.

The Bermuda College offers an Associate of Science (Nursing). The programme was developed and endorsed with key stakeholders in the nursing industry, including the Ministry of Health.
The curriculum was developed using the standards of the American Nurses Association and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. While the programme is based in Bermuda, there are opportunities for students to have clinical experience outside of the island.

Director of Nursing Education at the Bermuda College, Kathy-Ann Swan telling an advantage of studying in Bermuda is there are numerous funding opportunities that would assist students with meeting their financial needs.

“There are several financial support opportunities. The Bermuda College also offers the opportunity to apply for funding which provides assistance with the cost of education. There are also several other awards and scholarships available to students through the public and private sectors.”

She adds, “The majority of these are for Bermudians as once education is completed, you are expected to enter the Bermudian workforce.”

For recent Bermuda College graduate, Chelsey Walker, being able to switch careers and study at home was a huge win.

“Studying in Bermuda was a wonderful experience for me,” she tells “At first, I did not know studying nursing in Bermuda was an option. Without this opportunity, this would have been impossible for me because I have a family. Like many Bermudians leaving the Island [was] not an option for many reasons. I choose to study nursing at Bermuda College because I realised that even though I was a chef, Bermuda College could help me obtain a goal that I did not think was achievable.”

Chelsey adds securing funding made the journey easier: “I earned a few scholarships for my books and I earned a scholarship for my tuition, something that amazed me.”

Another perk of studying nursing, she says, is that one can attain their education and get a job: “When you are in the programme you have the opportunity to become a nurse’s aide while studying to become a nurse. I was a nurse’s aide and now I am officially a Registered Nurse.”

Chelsey concludes: “The College had the resources I needed to accomplish this nursing degree. I appreciated the small classes and the extra time that I was able to practice in the Nursing skills lab. I recommend the Bermuda College Nursing programme to anyone who thinks becoming a nurse is impossible because of commitments, finances, or family. You can do it, there are many scholarships for Bermudians. Trust in God he will make a way out of no way.”

To learn more about the Bermuda College’s Nursing Programme, click here.

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