Fearless females share their hopes for 2024

We are already a week into the new year and I’m happy to say, there’s not a resolution in sight for me. I stopped making them years ago, as the novelty of making them wore off with laced gloves and bangs! Instead I choose to reflect on the year gone by, conduct a self-assessment and figure out what I can do differently to attain my goals.

So far, I’ve committed to setting firm boundaries; breaking them will be non-negotiable. I am not a morning person but I’ve decided to start working out three days a week at 6.30 a.m. Yes you read that right, although those who know me feel me doing this is as unbelievable as me eating avocado! Just watch!

2024 is going to be awesome for me, but changes are a must. I work entirely too much and want to enjoy life more. My three children are growing quickly and in a few short years I will be an empty nester. My desire is to take a day or two off and not worry that I will somehow lose my business. I want to increase my output: I feel that I only perform at 30% tops. Imagine what I could achieve if I pushed myself harder! The only hindrance to all that I desire is me.

Recently, I asked four women, three of whom run their own businesses, to share with SheHUB.tv their dreams for 2024. While their desires vary, they have one thing in common—their desire to live this year to the fullest.

Taheera Lovell, CEO of TLC Group of Companies who lives in Birmingham, UK, reflects: “At 46, I’m done wearing the ‘hustle til you drop’ badge. Starting and growing various businesses over the past 20+ years has been exciting, but I’m at the point in my life where creating a successful blueprint that others can follow is more important than personal achievements.”

Taheera Lovell

The mother of three continues:  “In 2024, I aspire to build a dream team that shares my vision of creating a sustainable, purpose-driven business vehicle where ambition and balance dance hand in hand.  Because all work and no play is so 2023!”

Simbiat Bakare, who is SheHUB.tv’s freelance journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria shares: “My hope for 2024 is simple. I want it to be a year filled with unprecedented growth and only to have challenges I can handle. I hope to grow exponentially in my career as a journalist, travel beyond Nigeria, make more money, and finish the projects I have embarked on through the years. I am also looking forward to releasing more investigative pieces and continuing my advocacy for the liberation of women and girls. I wouldn’t mind exercising more in 2024 too!”

Simbiat Bakare

“I always get nervous around this time of year because like most people I set goals and don’t follow through. However this year I feel different. I feel ready and I feel focused, admits Angel Cann of PuppyLove Bermuda and women’s empowerment brand, I Am Enough Bda.

“One very important hope is that I can have the strength not to be afraid to release people from my life. My hope in doing this is to allow those who deserve to be in my life to stay or to find me. So often we take up unnecessary space and time on those who are not worthy of us.”

Angel Burgess

Angel, a mother of two, says: “My business aspiration for 2024 is to never doubt myself. Everything that you want is obtainable if you are willing to put in the work. So often we aim for level 4, reach it and become complacent, but just like video games we should smash levels and keep going. I also hope to become a better person and more spiritual . A person who other sisters can be inspired by and gravitate to and together we can create greatness and a safe place for all sisters.”

Mother of one, Shay Gibbons, has plans to expand her baking business, ShayCanBakes.

“Having your own business is a sacrifice and in my journey as a self taught baker, I am filled with hopes and aspirations for this business that have been nurtured by the unwavering support of my customers. My goal is to expand my business in various ways, remain consistent in top tier customer service and develop my baking skills even further, seeing more growth for the business but also for myself.

Shay Gibbons

“With every treat served, I am grateful for the opportunity to bring smiles, happiness, and memories to each and every person who crosses the threshold of my baking business.”

Carla Zuill is the Founder and Editor of SheHUB.tv and the Founder of the Women’s Empowerment Summit.  She is an island girl who lives in Manchester, UK. Have a story you’d like to share? Email her at carla@shehub.tv.

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