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Angel switches her game plan for A2Z



Angel Burgess of A2Z Fashions *Photo supplied

Like a number of small business owners in Bermuda, fashionista Angel Burgess refuses to throw in the towel in the face of challenging times. Instead she has reconfigured her business model in order to keep A2Z Fashions in operation.

She tells SheHub relocating to the United Kingdom in 2016 played a role in her decision to move from having a permanent store front, which is currently based in St. George’s. Angel has been able to keep her business open by managing staff long distance with the support of her husband and a close friend.

“A2Z was always fun for me I was there hours before opening time and hours after closing. It was my happy place. However, with my decision to make the UK my permanent home it’s now all business and that’s the part I don’t like.”

While the store front will no longer exist, Angel says she will continue to offer her services as a personal shopper: “The ladies love challenging me to find that special outfit. I also have a website, and an Instagram page where people can shop. And maybe just maybe A2Z Fashions UK. In Bermuda, I have pop up shops already planned for the entire summer, so ladies will still be able to rock A2Z.

“A2Z will also have accessories and eyewear at Impressions on King Street beginning in the summer.”

Is this the end of an era for her swimsuits, which has made a wave not only in Bermuda, but internationally?

“Never! I have so much planned for the line. Although this year I won’t be doing a swimsuit but I do have something else in the making for the ladies. I am also working on a line for 2020. The most exciting news is the Bermuda Swimsuit line will be available at Peoples pharmacy beginning in May. Anyone who resides outside of Bermuda can contact me via my Instagram page. The bathing suits can be shipped to anywhere in the world.”

Angel says she has no regrets with evolving her business.

“Being in the UK, I have experienced a different aspect of fashion which has opened me up to so much more, so I don’t regret the move at all.”

“I had great support in the shop as my best friend managed it and my husband is always running around making deliveries but with me not in the shop everyday all day it wasn’t the same for me or the customers.

“I really enjoy the one on one which I get through the personal shopping. Also, the Bermudians ladies in the UK are enjoying shopping with me.”

She promises the legacy she has created will carry on.

“A2Z has already made an impact. The only thing different is now you can enjoy shopping with me in a different way.”

Follow A2Z Fashions on Instagram @a2zfashionsUK or visit their website at

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fiona

    April 7, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    Sending prayers out to these women and their families. For All of them finding the strength through God to move forward 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Thank you Carla for doing an awesome job. Continued success to you💙

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