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Let’s Eat Better Together: A light summer soup!



Who doesn’t love a good, healthy soup? Here is a quick and easy recipe that you will love! If you don’t want to use your own broth, a good quality organic vegetable broth- my shop bought broth contains an incredible line up of garlic, ginger, kale, leek, mushroom, celery, Wakame Seaweed, as well as a little chilli, black pepper and anti-inflammatory turmeric is just as delicious.

Did you know that to absorb and benefit from the nourishing effects of turmeric you need to pair with fat? I love that this broth also contains coconut oil! A super healthy fat source full of (medium chain triglycerides) MCTs which is readily available source of energy for the body! MCTs also help balance out the good and bad bacteria in the gut! It really helps support the good guys!


1 courgette (zucchini) skinned and sliced
Half a bulb fennel chopped well or use a mandolin
1tbsp ghee

Sprinkle salt and black pepper to taste

2 cloves garlic- sliced thinly and slowly fried in ghee unless golden/crisp- use this as a crunchy topping.


Fry your courgette in 1 tbsp ghee until nice and soft. I add my seasoning at this point and then simply add to my blender with the broth and blend with fennel!

Add toppings and pour over some lovely creamy avocado oil for healthy omega 3 fatty acids which help reduce inflammation in the body.

To finish, I have added a sprinkle of chilli flakes, fennel leaves for a little aniseed flavour, fresh dill, dried seaweed and a dollop of coconut yoghurt with live bacteria to support gut health! I love the addition of seaweed in this soup as it is full of iodine which supports the thyroid function- such an easy way to incorporate it as a sprinkle topping!

Navneeta is now a Health and Wellness advocate, sharing her personal journey to health. For more healthy meals, check her out on Instagram.