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My journey to the edge…month one



Our Editor, Carla, enjoying a glass of bubbly as she prepares for har loss treatment.

One month has passed and let me tell you, growing edges is not as simple as it seems! It takes dedication and discipline to get these follicles stimulated!

During my initial assessment, Helen of Halo Hair Loss Clinic told me that I would have to come in weekly for laser treatment. Fine, did that one day…and then later in the week she asked when was I returning.

“Oh same time next week,” was my response.
“No darling, it’s twice a week you have to do this.”

Twice a week! Gosh that’s a lot of time when you are a full time university student, trying to write a book, and not to mention a football mom. But hey, it’s only 30 minutes per session and these sides are not going to grow themselves!

I sit under the laser machine and although I know it’s not going to cause any harm it still freaks me out a bit to see have this red light beaming on my scalp. It’s all mental, because I feel nothing—not an ounce of discomfort. The only downside to sitting under there is the protective eyewear. I’m blind as a bat without my glasses so I have to hold my book or my phone so close to my face, I wonder if either of them will grow hair by the time we have completed month six!

Now sitting under the laser machine is actually the least disciplined part of the process. Along with given pills to take daily, I was also given a serum to apply to my weak spots and scalp daily. As a person who rarely takes meds, I still struggle with the routine of taking the pills and have to set an alarm in phone to ensure I don’t miss a dose. Same thing with the oil. I usually apply it before bed, but because I am a night owl, sometimes I’m so tired that I forget. But I’m getting much better. By month three I will be doing it in my sleep!

My edges on the right are thinner than my left side and daily I examine to see if I see a sign of any growth.

I can hear my trichcologist, Helen, saying that it’s a six month process, be patient. I know I would be fooling myself to get my hopes up so soon, but I have noticed that tiny little raised dots. Are the follicles coming to life?

Stay tuned…

Halo Hair Loss Clinic is located on 45 Manchester Road, Chorlton M21, 9PW

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1 Comment

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    January 28, 2020 at 11:41 am


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