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Kim keeps them lovin’ their locs!



*Kim Roberts

Gone are the days where locs are considered ugly. More men and women alike are wearing their natural hair in locs, which can range in length from a few inches to many, many feet.

Bermudians are proud of their crowns!!

Recently, Joyann Lawrence spoke to Kim Roberts, owner and proprietor of Kalm Innovations, who is a popular and well respected loctician on the Island.

TIB: What is the appeal for locs?

KR: The appeal for considering locs differs from client to client. Throughout my career, clients have expressed various reasons, ranging from it being an easy versatile hairstyle to it being a trend. Some wear them for religious purposes, some for fashion. Because the reasons range, I felt it best to seek out a few of my clients for their input:

•    “My reason is cultural. It is a component of the multifaceted process of embracing who I am as a women of African origin. The journey and destination affirmed that we can be beautiful as we are, beyond the constraints that society says is aesthetically appealing”.

•    “We’ve been taught to scorn our natural hair in a society that promotes European beauty.  The appeal is that not only are locs one of several hair styles and ways of appreciating and loving our natural beauty …. there is a pure sense of freedom embracing our true beauty as people of African descent”.

•    “Laziness! I like to do as little with my hair as possible. I can still color and style it without combing”.

•    “I started my locs in memory of a friend who was killed in Africa. He had been encouraging me for years to start locs. So the year he was killed I began my journey with locs”.

•    “I personally believe it’s a symbol of my connection to my ancestors.  Additionally, I believe that the appeal for locs stems from the journey that is necessary to achieve attractive locks. It’s not a hair style that can be achieved from one visit to a Stylist”.

TIB: How have you seen the appeal for locs change over the years?

KR: I have been servicing clients with locs for approximately 17 years. I can’t say that I have noticed any extreme changes over the years. The reasoning and desire appears to remain the same for most clients. However, the level of clientele appears to have increased as many are becoming more comfortable with embracing their natural hair.

TIB: Is there any stigma attached to locs wearers?

KR: I believe there is a stigma still attached to those who wear locs. In some cases there or those who have not adapted to change and therefore will continue to stigmatize those who choose this style. Clients have expressed that  they have been profiled when traveling, others believe they may be discriminated against while seeking employment.  Some still equate locs to smoking marijana. It all depends on the mindset of those they encounter.

TIB: What are the advantages of locs?

KR: Locs make for a very good fashion statement and the versatility with styling is endless; one can express their individuality; one of the most popular benefits of locs are that they are virtually maintenance free.

TIB: What are the disadvantages of locs?

KR: Clients who start off with short hair grow impatient with their hair not growing fast enough. Some clients find it uncomfortable to sleep with if they are too long, or with styles that are not positioned accordingly. Trapped products or particles such as lint and fur can build up in locs, making it difficult to get rid of.  And unfortunately, unwarranted attention is still given. Some still have negative connotations about locs.

TIB: What method do you use for grooming?

KR: Consultations are required in order to assess which method is best suited for the client’s hair texture. There are various methods for clients to choose from i.e. dread perm, interlocking, crochet, twists, backcombing and loc extensions to name a few. Generally, my personal preferred method is interlocking


TIB: How does one get started and how long is this process?

KR: I encourage those seeking to start locs to consult with a few stylists before deciding. Generally, I encourage new clients to come in to discuss, where I also offer an estimate which helps in decision making. In most cases the process can be between 1- 2.5 hours depending on the size decided upon.

TIB: Does one have to cut off all their hair?

KR:No, not at all. Because of the various methods, a stylist can normally find the best method suited to each hair texture. Even if the client decides to no longer wear locs there is a method that allows for combing them out without having to cut them off.

TIB: What is the upkeep and how often must they be groomed?

KR: This depends on my client’s budget and how well groomed they wish to appear. In most cases clients schedule between every 2-3 weeks. The time it takes to groom is normally between 1-2 hrs. This depends on the quantity of locs.

TIB: Who is the ultimate locs wearer?

KR: I have a wide range of clients, from doctors to lawyers, accountants, directors, sales associates, electricians, carpenters. Students, young and old, ranging from three years to 70+ years, of all ethnicities. There is no distinctive clientele. In most cases the ultimate loc clients are those who exude the confidence and creativity to live outside the box. They dare to be different, embracing their culture and finding the freedom to express who they want to be.

To learn more about this style or for a consultation, contact. Kim at  441-295-5994.

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