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Stepping out on faith!



Editor In Chief Carla LM Zuill

Wow. So many things have happened over the last few months. Most of you will be well aware that in 2016, I took the decision to jump outside of my comfort zone and migrate to the UK. On December 30, Manchester became home.

Initially I ran Today In Bermuda from here, with success, but then I started to lose momentum. I just didn’t want to do news anymore and with the time difference, it was just plain hard. But I refused to cease operations because I thought it would have somehow meant that I had failed. So I trudged on.

When the site went down for maintenance in October 2017, I was not disappointed. When it was time for it to be live again, I asked my web admin to hold off. After holding the second annual Women’s Empowerment Summit in November, I took some time out to reflect.

I realised that I was not putting my heart into as I should, and I was not living as my authentic irony since that was the theme of the 2017 Summit. My Business Development Manager and I sat down and had a heart to heart. She asked me a single question which shifted everything for me.

“Do you want to do this anymore?”

And without hesitation, the answer slipped off my tongue: “No.”

We then spent another two hours plotting a new future, and from there SheHub was born. I wanted to create an online magazine which represented women from across the globe. I wanted a place where we can laugh, celebrate achievements, share stories of adversities and triumphs, and heck, even cry. There will be features on health and wealth, cooking, fashion, advice columns and male perspectives (because where would we be without them, ladies?!).

There is a lot in store with SheHub as we grow. As always, feedback is most welcome. You have a story you want to share? Email us at, no matter where you are the in world.

Live well and most of all, be true to yourself.

Carla LM Zuill

Editor In Chief

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