Are you respecting the bride?

Recently I was contacted by a soon be bride asking for some advice. She was sent a picture from a friend of the dress they had purchased for her wedding. The bride felt the dress was over the top and didn’t know how to approach the situation. Right away I had a few questions for the bride. The first one was what kind of wedding are you having? As the dress was very formal and would have been appropriate for a formal wedding held at a luxury hotel. Her reply was a very simple, private wedding. The bride only had her sister as a maid and the groom had his childhood best friend, the wedding and reception were both being held at their favourite restaurant.

Most of us know that the wedding is for the bride and although we all use this time to get glammed up, are we respecting her? There are a few things that are automatically a no no.

Never wear white!!

This is because the bride should be the only one in the room in white. It’s her day to stand out. Even thought a lot of brides are skipping the white dress you still shouldn’t do it. We never want anyone be confused about who the bride is.

Ladies leave the glitter make up and sparkly hair pieces at home. People should not have to guess if you’re part of the wedding party.

Dress for the occasion. The location pretty much should set your outfit for the day. Don’t over do it. Look like a guest not someone wishing they are a part of the wedding party.

Remember wherever the wedding is, the bride and groom have invested time and money in planning so dressing too informal is just as bad as being too formal. Leave the jeans and tees at home.  If the bride and groom wants to grab a picture with you, your going stand out in a bad way.

Wearing black is up in the air. I personally think it’s okay. However there are stylists who advise against this. Many people consider this unlucky. I guess that all depends if you know the couple well enough to know if they are superstitious.

The bride and groom will look back years later on videos and pictures of their special day. Don’t be the one looking odd in the memories!

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