Couple aspires to highlight the joys of love and marriage

A year ago today, Jahmah Samuels was in the hospital about to undergo surgery. A few months earlier, he went to the doctors feeling unwell.

“A week later, the doctor called us in and told us the words we weren’t hoping to hear and that was that he had cancer. We prayed and he asked God that if he came through, we would do something that He wants us to do and for some strange reason, marriage ministry kept coming up wherever we turned,” his wife Devonna shares with SheHUB. “We prayed on it and in January this year we launched Marriage Motivation with the Samuels on Facebook. We weren’t sure what we were doing but we did it. He has brought us through it, so we are doing his work.”

“The objective of Marriage Motivation with the Samuels is to highlight positive marriages and relationships by bringing couples together to show that love exists. That’s why we started. Our mission is to promote healthy and happy marriages and relationships. We share all sorts of things that brings positive vibes. There is so much negativity going on in the world and in Bermuda, so we want to highlight and promote positive things.”

Tonight, the couple are hosting their first Couples Night Out dinner event at the White Horse Restaurant in Bermuda.

“We decided to do something to get couples to come out and enjoy themselves. One thing we noticed with the pandemic was that many people were saying there was nothing to really do so we decided to have a couples’ night and a live band.

It will give couples to get out the house, have good food, dance and just enjoy their significant other. Couples don’t have to be married, they just have to be a couple and be ready to enjoy themselves.”

Devonna says their brand is growing and their efforts are being recognised: “People stop us and tell us we are doing a good job by promoting positive relationships. We are not only promoting ourselves but other couples as well. If it’s their anniversary, they get married or engaged…anything that brings love, we celebrate.

“We also have the couple of the month series. We recently started Family and Friends Friday where we highlight small businesses. On Wellness Wednesdays we raise awareness of different health issues that people are dealing with in Bermuda and around the world.”

As far as the act of marriage, Devonna admits it isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth doing.

“Marriage is really, beautiful and can work when both of you give 100 percent effort. You can’t just give up. Nowadays people give up so easily and they are looking for perfection. You must realise that no one is perfect. You will have disagreements, but you have to be willing to work through them.

“Our marriage is nowhere near perfect. We have our share of ups and downs but we work through them to make things right. We love each and that’s something that you should strive to want. I think marriage is beautiful and hopefully everyone can experience that.”

If you would like to attend tonight’s event, email .


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