SheHUB Ghana: H.E Lilian Sally Addo named as one of Ghana’s most outstanding female change makers

The Humanitarian Awards Global recognises and awards extraordinary individuals and groups who are positively impacting the lives of people, nature and society in Ghana.

The Awards identify, honour and celebrate a cross-section of the nation’s most influential and accomplished businesses doing humanitarian works and leaders from a wide range of industries who are committed to improving lives and preserving the environment through their work and businesses.

This is in line with the quest to inspire the next generation of many change-makers in Ghana who are passionate about impacting lives and challenging the status quo.

Humanitarian Awards Global has been engaged in changing the narrative about change-makers especially women through awards celebrations, education, and ranking publications.

“Through this project, we are presented with another opportunity not only to celebrate female change makers but showcase the individual and collective works of women who are earnestly inspiring the next generation of leaders in and beyond,” organisers share with SheHUB Ghana.

Presented as a ranking of the 100 Most Outstanding Female Change Makers in Ghana, the scheme presents a summary of philanthropists who have climbed the corporate ladder, started their own businesses, or have been at the forefront of decision making both locally & internationally, and impacting lives positively.

The scheme presents a key opportunity for these change makers to be inspired and to continue in their strides of impacting more lives.

The selection criteria include humanitarian impacts, consistency, excellence in leadership and performance, personal accomplishments, commitment to sharing knowledge, and the ability to challenge the status quo.

Among the 100 incredible female change makers is a formidable impact mover and shaker who continues to use her voice and platform to champion the right of girls, women and youth, to get access to quality education, health, economic opportunities among others.

H.E Lilian Sally Addo, The Country Head of United Nations Youth Association Ghana (UNYA Ghana), has been named among others as 100 Most Outstanding Female Change Makers in Ghana for 2021.

In an interview with SheHUB Ghana, Madam Addo expresses her excitement over her new achievement: “I feel blessed, privileged and honoured to be nominated among 100 most outstanding women making tremendous change in Ghana.”

Answering questions on what the achievement means to her, she notes that it serves as a drive for her to do more as an individual and an inspiration to continue her humanitarian works.

She adds that, it takes determination, perseverance and commitment for one to climb such a ladder.

Madam Addo, also the Founder and President of the Humanitarian Reach-Out Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization that believes in equality states that, “I did not reach this height alone. In fact all the positions that I served on and the projects, I did not execute these alone.

“I want to use this opportunity to say ayekoo (congratulations) to all who aided me and also to God Almighty for sustaining me. I believe in team spirit, and I have a lot of young men and women who are always there by my side. I have mentored a lot of youths who form the majority of my team,” she says.

According to her, Ghanaians should expect the best and the greatest from her, noting that, “we will change the world little by little, impact lives and make the world a better place in our own small way.”

She adds prayer, corporation and support were needed as they continue to change the world positively.

Madam Addo urges all to believe that God is real and the source of strength where nothing could be done without Him, hence the need for all to trust in Jesus.

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