SPEED DATE with Alaire Godfrey of Ultimate Imaging Ltd.

Ultimate Imaging Ltd. was created in 2007 out of a need to enhance the level of healthcare in Bermuda within a non-clinical setting. Since then, thousands of men and women have utilised its services for a host of ultrasound needs. One reason Ultimate Imaging has been a go-to is because of its non-clinical feel.

“We wanted to ensure the patient’s experience would be holistic, comforting as well as provide a setting of relaxation to enable patient to feel at ease before, during and after their appointment,” shares founder Alaire Godfrey.

SheHUB.tv recently embarked on a speed-date with Mrs Godfrey (interview style) and we discovered what she feels is the key to her business’ success, what kind of baby ultrasounds are becoming trendy, and why it was important for her company to sponsor the Gals, Golfing & Giving Golf Tournament to be held on Sunday, 21 May as part of the ongoing celebration of Nurses Month in Bermuda.

What do you think has been the key to Ultimate Imaging’s longevity?

AG: Our key to longevity is and has always been consistency, integrity, and discipline coupled with competent staff that provide a global standard of care.

When Ultimate Imaging was created, was it solely for women and what made you decide to expand services to men?

AG: No, our services have always included general (which covers testicular ultrasound), obstetrics, and pediatric ultrasound to name a few.  Mammography was included in 2009 and was advanced to 3D technology in 2018.  ABUS was also introduced in 2018 to expand our repertoire of available services.  These services were designed by women for women.

What is your nursing background? What drew you to the field?

AG: I do not have a nursing background.  I studied radiography / radiologic technology and diagnostic ultrasound.  I was drawn to this field owing to my love for health sciences and love for helping others.

Why did your organisation decide to sponsor the golf tournament? 

AG: We work in tandem with the nursing professional as such, this was a no brainer to support such a notably and worthy cause.  Additionally, as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we selected this tournament as one of our charities for 2023.

How integral is the role nurses have where it pertains to Ultimate Imaging?

AG: Nurses are the conduit between our facility and the referring doctor’s office.  They ensure proper clinical history is provided to us in advance of the patient’s scheduled procedure.

How long has 3D and 4D imaging for babies been around? Did you ever imagine that it would ever be an available service?

AG: 3D / 4D imaging for obstetrics has been in existence for several decades.  The technology has been enhanced over the years to 4D imaging.  The technological advancements of the 3D / 4D images have been truly amazing.

Is it a popular service? What makes it attractive to new parents?

AG: 3D / 4D imaging is very popular especially for expectant parents. The images give a great rendition of who the baby will look like.  Another advancement has been the introduction of Ultimate Imaging Heartbeat Bear. Parents can have a recording of their baby’s heartbeat in utero which is placed in a keepsake stuffed animal.

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