SheHUB Ghana: Socialite Shugatiti lodges complaint over ‘sex bout’ fundraising

Ghanaian socialite Shugatiti has lodged a complaint against American porn actor, King Nazir with the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, for using her likeness to raise money without her consent.

Social media users in Ghana were elated and looked forward to a thrilling or better still, a historic event when reports emerged that American adult film actor, King Nazir had arrived in town for a sex challenge with socialite, Shugatiti.However, their excitement and hopes of live streaming the sex bout was cut short after Shugatiti blocked King Nazir on Twitter following a series of exchanges between the two.

The much anticipated challenge all started in February this year when the socialite made a sterling revelation about her sex life. In an interview with blogger, Zionfelix, Shugatiti disclosed that she had never reached climax during sex.

According to her, although she had had sex in different styles, in different places and with different men, she was yet to experience an orgasm.

“I have never [orgasmed] in my life…” she said.

At a point, Shugatiti felt the men she’d slept with were the problem. So she turned to [sex toys] in a bid to have a feel of what it means to get satisfied sexually.

But that proved futile, she told Zionfelix.

And when she consulted a gynaecologist, he told her,”It’s normal, not all women will experience orgasm.”

This revelation saw social media buzzing with excitement, disbelief and curiosity. Many males, who had been fantasizing with her semi-nude pictures in their lone rooms, offered to play the role of a superhero.

These offers, however, went unnoticed by Shugatiti. Only that of King Nazir got the attention of the Ghanaian socialite when the porn star jumped on the bandwagon, offering to help Shugatiti reach her intimate goal.

“I can help her have an orgasm,” Nazir wrote on Twitter.

Shugatiti, however, called his bluff.

She said although she doesn’t reach orgasm, she has a high sex drive and usually engages in [long sessions].
“…I can have sex the whole day. I don’t get tired,” she exclaimed.

Despite the fact that Nazir has sex for a living, she believed he did not have the stamina and energy to match up to her in bed. She joked that he may slump and die in the process if he attempted to satisfy her.

“Remember porn stars act according to script. This is no movie. Don’t do and die. It’s a warning,” she wrote in response to the porno actor’s offer to meet him between the sheets.

Her comments seem to have bruised King Nazir’s ego. For someone who prides himself as the best porno actor to be dared in such a manner in a public domain, is quite disparaging to him. So he challenged Shugatiti to a sex bout vowing to not only make her reach multiple orgasms, but also wreck her.

Shortly after that, he put up a poll to determine who the public thought would win the challenge.
The poll turned out in his favour; 72 percent of those who took part tipped him to emerge victorious while 26 percent rooted for Shugatiti.

He then sought funding from his followers and anyone interested to live stream their sexual encounter.
But this act did not sit well with Shugatiti.

In another interview with Zionflex recently, she disclosed that she has lodged a complaint with the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service against the porn star for capitalising on her name to cash in without her consent.

She believes it is inappropriate and to some extent, an act of impersonation for the porn star to solicit for funds with her name without first seeking permission from her.

She wants the police to restrain him from involving her person in such schemes.

“He raised money without my knowledge. So I lodged a complaint with the CID. I asked that if it’s possible that an embargo be put on him because he did things without my consent like the fundraising, he didn’t seek my consent,” she told Zionfelix.

Shugatiti also explained why she blocked the actor on social media.

According to her, King Nazir became rude and disrespectful after she ignored him when he slid into her DMs on social media.

She says she was never interested in having an intercourse with him as he is not her kind of guy but was only being nice to him by entertaining him.

However, she couldn’t contain him any longer when he described her in unpalatable terms hence, her decision to block him.

On the much talked about sex bout between the two, Shugatiti is surprised that Ghanaians believed she could an engage in such act.

“There’s no way I will do porn, no matter the offer,” she stated, firmly.

But even if she would do, she said, it would not be with King Nazir.

Aside the fact that he is not attractive to her, she argues that the porn star’s demeanour during sex is a turn off for her.
“How can I sleep with someone who laughs while having sex? I didn’t know him so I went to watch some of his videos…he was laying there, laughing. He doesn’t feel anything.”

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