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I started 2018 in the land of the unknown.   After working every day since graduating from Grad School , becoming suddenly unemployed left me in a position of the unknown. It was like travelling through uncharted waters with so many unexpected challenges, obstacles, opportunities and possibilities! I spent many nights pondering what should I do.

How do I manage all that is put before me?  How do I filter out the “noise” or the distractions and decide what’s in my best interest?  Which path do I take so that I don’t set myself back and lose ground from what I have already in motion? These are my daily questions I ask myself.  Do I lack self confidence? Nah!

I don’t let looks, size or fitting into the “norm” stop me from pursuing my dreams.  My big personality prevents me from getting caught up in whether a person likes me or not.  Or fitting into a box that someone believes I should be in.

Don’t let me get caught up in a new hobby or something I am passionate about!  I get immersed in new things, then I start thinking about how to make it even better than what it is.  When I dream, I dream massive. My thinking is above and beyond what people are expecting. I am always looking at the bigger picture and how to make things better.   I am an entrepreneur.

Yeah I said it.  I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR!  Wow! That just hit me as I am writing this.  I’m glad that I am finally acknowledging and now accepting I don’t fit inside the box because to me, the box does not exist. Such a revelation!  I have always been told that I should be doing my own thing and working for myself. I have been entrepreneurial since I was young. I packed groceries to save up for my first 12-speed bike.  I sold popcorn and gingerbread to pay for school trips. I have won competitions with the ideas that come to me when I try to problem solve. It is what I am best at.

Now back to those daunting questions I have above about the unknown.  I have learnt over the years is that I can’t control my environment. I can only control me. I can’t manipulate unseen forces that are all around me.  But I can control how I react to those things. It took me a while to get there but I’m still trying to always stay in control of who I am. If a situation gets to dicey for me, I remove myself.

I recently bumped into my nursery  school teacher. I never told her about anything going on in my life but out of the blue she said to me, “God is in control”.  It resonated with me. It hit my soul and my heart leapt. It amazes me how God always send the most unexpected person to send a message when you are in a place of uncertainty.  So all though I have those questions above; I always remind myself that God is in Control.

Being an entrepreneur means to me the necessity of stepping outside of society’s box, going against the grain and not being afraid of rejection, being told no or that your idea is some pie in the sky dream.  

I like to prove the naysayers wrong.  I like to remind people that they should not rule someone out because they didn’t agree with the masses or go with the flow.  Had I been that person I would have never achieved my Masters degree when I was told by family to just “go out and get a job”.  I wanted more for me…. I still do.

My new beginnings. …  Follow my dreams and passions.

One of my goals for 2018 is to run and operate the number one food tour in Bermuda called Sip & Savor Bermuda Food Tours. I will continue to manage my Facebook food group called Cooking with Kiki (come and join us no matter where you are in the world!).  

I want to start teaching cooking classes for adults and children and expand my food knowledge.  I am excited about my plan to travel to different places to taste different cuisines and have new experiences. But most of all, I am committed to making decisions that are in my best interest. To let go of the past and surge forward into the world of the unknown. Seize opportunities that are presented before me.  Be excited for new challenges and adapt to change quickly. How am I gonna do all of this with limited resources and money? Who knows? But I always remember that God is in control!

I look forward to sharing recipes, cooking tips and blogs with you here at Good Eats!!! 


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rosemarie

    May 8, 2018 at 6:48 am

    Congratulations Nakia I know you will master any challenge or path your wonderful talents will take you you are an inspiration to persons who are in those unchartered waters and those who are looking for more then what’s in the box enjoy what you do best!!! Your Friend Rose

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