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Murphy has plans to be a Force Multiplier for your business



Terlena Murphy

A new Human Resources Management and Business consultancy has entered the Bermuda market. Owner and primary consultant, Terlena Murphy, decided to place her 16 years of human resource and talent development experience into her own hands and put her shingle out to announce that she is open for business. Ms Murphy’s vision is to help organisations and people actualise their potential to create better individuals, teams, and businesses.

Force Multiplier Consulting’s (FMC) initial launch focus will be on talent development. In Bermuda, the conversation of having a sustainable workforce has been ongoing. FMC can provide you with the tools and resources you need to cultivate and promote talent as an organisation or as an individual.

“Many times, individuals do not know how to transition from one career to another. FMC can assist by formulating plans and guiding them through their job search process,” says Ms Murphy.

During July, her company will be promoting Customer Service Month. FMC offers two courses via Zoom (during the day and evenings): Customer Service Over the Phone and What Do Customers Want?

Both classes are for businesses and individuals. Information regarding Force Multiplier Consulting and the courses can be found at

Ms Murphy shares that she envisioned kicking off the year 2020 by launching her business, with offerings of professional coaching and training services as her initial priority, but like the rest of the world, the pandemic changed her trajectory.

“Clearly, that plan was derailed! Covid-19 grounded me to a halt and made me question my business plan.”

However, she says, she turned a corner when she spoke with business owners who faced similar challenges: “Together, we challenged each other to think of the opportunities presented and how we could get ready for them. I utilised the time by creating and finalising my website, working on my product, and learning new skills.”

Ms Murphy has worked in the private, public, and hospitality sectors over her career, and she is embracing being a business owner.

“I look forward to working with all sectors in the community by being a Force Multiplier to those who wish to move forward in their pursuits.”