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The Sovereign Life: Four ways to protect your money in a crisis



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Unless you’re born with a healthy trust fund, most women have to work hard in order to secure the financial freedom they desire. Let’s be for real, it, NOT easy. But don’t panic! SheHub and Terri2Kool have joined forced to create a special six week series which have you well on your way to financial freedom. Financial literacy advocate Terri2Kool has brainchild behind The Sovereign Life and for the next six weeks will be sharing priceless nuggets to help you reach your financial goals. ~CarlaSZ

Financial crises are inevitable. Whether it is self-inflicted or out of your control. For every peak in the economy, there must be a trough.

With the current global pandemic (COVID-19) causing the stock markets to crash beginning on February 20, 2020. The extreme shift in how Governments around the globe are dealing with the change in economic stability of their individual nations has been dubbed unprecedented.

While I do not personally subscribe to that ideology, I do recognise many of us have not been actively preparing for an unexpected dip in the economy. Particularly our personal, micro-economies (aka our households).

Now is as good of a time as anytime to begin to protect your money in preparation for a financial crisis. Especially with a potential recession in our midst. Listen to this episode of The Sovereign Life podcast to learn four ways to protect you and your money in a crisis.


Terri (Terri2Kool) is the host of The Sovereign Life podcast. Every Wednesday, Terri shares her perspective on financial literacy by sharing experiences, tips and tools, as well as advice to help you become financially lit! Sharing the financial lessons, she has learned on her personal financial journey as well as insight from experts and thought leaders alike, you are sure to be prepared to fix your finances with Terri in your corner!

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