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‘People should dress for themselves by finding their own style’



Brittany Wolffe of LoveBomb Inc

For some women, finding the right outfit to wear is a monumental task. Do my jeans accentuate the right body parts? Is this shirt too tight? Do my legs look…? The questions go on and on but for 28-year-old Brittany Wolffe, putting a look together is dependent one major element: how she’s feeling on any given day.

“Dressing for myself and my mood is a thing for me. What I follow is my mood for that day or the mood of the event I’m dressing for. People should dress for themselves by finding their own style and rocking with it. Trends fade, style is forever (Cardi voice)!,” she tells SheHub.

Brittany, who hails from Bermuda, is set to graduate in November with her BA in Fashion Design from the London College of Contemporary Art. As part of her graduation requirement, Brittany must produce her own collection, which she has named, “Her Identity”.

“Through my collection I want to show the beauty of a woman, inside and out,” she adds.

Graduating is just the tip of the iceberg for Brittany; as the owner of LoveBomb Inc, Brittany plans on making a name for herself in the fashion world.

“LoveBomb inc is a womenswear brand first launched in 2014 during the Bermuda Fashion Festival’s Local Designer Showcase.  The meaning of ‘LoveBomb’ – a love for life, family, friends, a career. Anything that fills your heart and life with joy. Make you feel good clothing.

The woman who wears Lovebomb Inc isn’t afraid of colour and she is not afraid of wearing a garment more than once.

“(Although) my graduation is later this year, I actually have loads of goals to accomplish before then. No time to wait, you know. My plan is to work on the growth of my business as a business and not just a brand.”

She continues: “I’ve always aspired to work in fashion and with the support of my family, friends and clients that has happened. Fashion and business go hand in hand for me and with that I’m in the process of building my brand as an entrepreneur. It takes a lot of work but I love what I do.  It brings me so much love and light. I’ve literally found peace within my passion and I pray that everyone is afforded the opportunity to do the same.”

Brittany says she was bitten by the fashion bug at an early age: “I would say fashion first came into play for me as a child being raised in a household with my mom and Nana Shirley. My nana made clothing for me and my cousins, dressing us up in our Sunday best heading to church. Oddly enough I never learned how to sew from my nana but I most definitely was quite often responsible for threading her machine needle whenever she needed me. Getting dressed to kill was a thing in my family. From my nana, to my Aunt Judith Ann, right on down to me. I would say it’s in my blood.”

Citing singer Kelis, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lynn Bahn and Solange as her fashion icons, Brittany gives her reason: “It’s very clear that they dress for themselves with style.”

The most profound lesson she says she has learned regarding fashion?

“Being true to myself and my designs is important. I’ve learned that throughout my third year of studies. I understand the aesthetic of the women I dress via Lovebomb Inc’s designs. It’s allowing others to grasp the understanding as well without changing.”

Often we hear people say that all fashions are not for everyone. Brittany sees it differently: “They can be. It’s all based on what works for the individual. Who am I to determine? This is why styling is important. What does not work for you can easily work for someone else based on pairings. Have faith in your style and go with the flow. Don’t think too much about it because it will definitely show.”

LoveBomb Inc

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1 Comment

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    May 10, 2018 at 10:31 am

    Lovely continue the good work.
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